Understanding the Importance of Mulching


In short, receiving your mulch delivery and spreading it over your garden is done for a single purpose. Essentially, it is all about improving your soil. By applying mulch around your borders and flower beds, you will replenish the nutrients that your growing plants are extracting from the soil. However, a mulch delivery from your local supplier is much more than simply feeding your plants. Mulching has other benefits that some gardeners are not even aware of. Read on to find out everything you need to know about mulching in horticulture.

Why Receive a Mulch Delivery?

Although it is possible to make your own mulch from leaves that you collect in autumn, for example, it won't be of the same fine quality that you can get from a professional supplier. Larger gardens need plenty of mulch so you will probably want to obtain a mulch delivery from a van or tipper truck rather than transport it in your car. With your mulch unloaded for you in the right location, all you need to do is to handbarrow it and spread it around with a garden spade.

What Are the Benefits of Mulching?

Mulching adds important elements, such as nitrogen, back into your soil so plants can thrive. It also acts as a suppressant against seedlings that you don't want to come through. As such, mulching will favour established plants and stop weeds from taking over by blocking light. If you have a mulch delivery in the autumn, then applying it will help to protect plant roots throughout the winter months. On the other hand, a delivery of mulch in the spring will help to promote greater growth. When mulch has been laid down neatly, it can also mean that your beds and borders look more attractive, too.

How Much Mulch Do You Need?

When you order mulch, get more than you think you will need because it won't go off. Store it under a light-blocking membrane and keep it until the following season if you want to. Many people underestimate how much mulch is needed for a border. You need to spread it around fairly thickly to suppress unwanted growth. Somewhere between five and eight centimetres is ideal. Too thin, and inadequate protection against frost and weeds will be afforded.

When Should You Mulch Again?

Exposed mulch will rot down in the end, thereby feeding your plants. There is no need to remove it if you want to apply fertiliser in addition to your mulch but you should re-mulch at least once a year. For good results, order a new mulch delivery each spring and autumn so you get the benefits of it year-round.


28 April 2020

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