Your Ultimate Ride-On Lawn Mower Buying Guide


In the market for a ride-on lawnmower for residential use?

When it comes to choosing the best ride-on lawnmower for you, the options can be confusing. All riding lawnmowers let you ride so you can get the lawn done faster and with less physical effort, but that's where the similarities end. 

Each ride-on lawnmower has distinct features that set it apart from the rest and make it suitable for use in certain applications. Highlighted below are some of the popular options available to you.

Rear-engine mowers

Best for small to medium-sized lawns, these riding mowers are regarded as lawnmowing icons. They're not the most powerful ride-on mowers out there, but they're an excellent choice for homeowners who don't need to get a lot of mowing work done.

Choose this mowing equipment if you don't have enough storage space or budget for a full-sized rider.

Front-engine mowers

Unlike rear engine mowers, these riders come with the engine located in front of the machine. Front-engine mowers are generally built with more powerful engines and larger deck sizes than their rear-engine cousins. That means they can get work done faster.

The major downside of front-engine riders is that they require a wider turning radius because of their front axle steering system and larger deck sizes. As a result, they're harder to manoeuvre compared to rear-engine models.

Zero-turn-radius mowers

If your lawn has numerous obstacles, such as flower beds, trees, and landscaping edging, you'll need to use a riding mower that provides the extra level of manoeuvrability required to cut grass quickly and efficiently. 

Zero-turn-radius riders can turn 360 degrees, allowing you effortlessly cut the grass around obstacles without leaving some areas uncut.

Stand-on mowers

If you have a smaller lawn and don't mind standing while lawnmowing, these mowers are a great choice for you. They eliminate the need to walk during lawnmowing tasks, making the job less tiring.

Stand-on mowers have a compact design and negotiate corners very well, allowing for a much quicker job.

Lawn tractors

If you need a ride-on lawnmower that can do more than just cut grass, you should go for a lawn tractor. This type of mower is ideal for all your mowing needs and other yard work, such as mulching. All you have to do is to equip your machine with the right accessories.

Need help with choosing a ride-on lawnmower? Discuss your needs with a supplier today. 


15 July 2020

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