Two Tips for Buying Giftware for a Gardening Enthusiast


If you need a gift for someone who loves to garden, here are some suggestions to remember when you visit local garden giftware shops.

1. Consider getting them some garden art

It might better to give them a beautiful piece of garden art instead of getting them some gardening tools. First and foremost, if a person's favourite pastime is gardening and they spend every spare moment they have pottering around their garden, then it's safe to assume that they already own plenty of gardening tools. As such, unless they have recently mentioned that they want to buy a specific piece of gardening equipment, some outdoor art for their garden would be a better gift.

Before searching any garden giftware shops for this type of item, make sure you assess the recipient's garden. You must, for example, ensure that the art you pick matches the theme of their garden. If for example, their garden is very quirky and whimsical, with multi-coloured plant pots and fairy lights, as well as gnome and toadstool garden ornaments, then you might want to get them an ornamental faux door and window set that can be attached to a tree trunk, to create the illusion that the trunk's interior is being used as a little house for magical creatures.

2. Consider the size of the gift

You should make sure that the gift you get for their garden is the right size. If for example, they have a very compact outdoor space with a narrow garden path, then getting them a sculpture that's supposed to be placed on the ground might not be a good idea, as not only would this use up too much space but might also get knocked over when someone uses the garden path. In this situation, it might be better to get them a piece of garden art, such as a pair of ceramic bird sculptures, that can be attached to an elevated structure in the garden, like a tree trunk, a branch or the top of a fence.

If the recipient has a big, sprawling lawn with lots of big shrubs and trees, then you'll need to a gift that's proportional to these other garden features. In this setting, something like a tiny garden gnome would barely be noticeable. Instead, you might want to get a sculpture that is, for example, five-foot-tall so that it will be noticed when placed amongst the garden's numerous large features.


11 November 2020

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