Important recommendations to maintain your landscaping with mulch


As a gardener and one who likes to take care of your landscaping with the best care, you understand the importance of mulch around and over your garden plants and soil. However, it is important to use and maintain your mulch's condition and appearance for the best impact to your plants and landscaping. Here are some ideas and recommendations to help you manage your upcoming landscaping project with mulch.

Use Organic Mulch

Mulching your garden and landscaping is a project that you can do in the spring or the fall. When you apply mulch in the spring, it is usually to fill in areas of your mulch that have decomposed and broken down over the growing season. However, don't overlook applying a newly added layer of mulch right now in the fall. This is a great way to help protect your plants over the upcoming winter months.

In the winter when the temperatures drop and the landscape freezes, a layer of mulch over the soil protects it and the vegetation against shifting and freeze-heaving that can occur during heavy rains and frosty conditions. A good layer of organic mulch over your garden soil this fall will provide the winter protection layer of insulation that you need for any perennials that will emerge in the spring. Then, in the spring, you can reassess your mulch to fill in any bare spots or areas where the mulch has become scattered over the winter.

Mulch with materials such as pine bark or eucalypt chips.on your garden soil not only makes it look attractive, but it will add to the soil's nutrients when it decomposes with the help of rain and sunlight. Mulch can also act as a barrier in the spring and summer months as a barrier against weed growth, and it will protect the soil against the sun's hot and drying rays to keep your soil moist for longer. This can help you with your irrigation bill and protect your plants against dehydration.

Order and Combine Mulch Materials

The way you order and get access to your mulch can make the maintenance process a much easier one. You can buy mulch in bags at many home and garden shops, or you can order it directly from a garden supply by the truckload or by cubic meters. Depending on your budget and what type of covering you want for your plants, you can choose from pea straw, sugarcane, lucerne hay, or traditional wood chip mulch. 

When you order your mulch, make sure you order enough to cover your soil with enough depth to protect the soil and look nice. Your mulch delivery supplier can help you calculate an appropriate order to cover your soil.


19 May 2021

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