Three Ways To Put Stone To Practical Use In Your Garden


Natural stone is beautiful and is the ideal substance with which to enhance a landscape, but you can also use rock in an entirely practical way to increase the usability of your yard. Here are three practical ideas for using stone functionally. Form A Smooth Pathway For Easy Access A gorgeous stone path can provide easy access to a shed or outbuilding in the garden so that you can roll out items such as wheelbarrows and lawnmowers more easily.

26 May 2020

Understanding the Importance of Mulching


In short, receiving your mulch delivery and spreading it over your garden is done for a single purpose. Essentially, it is all about improving your soil. By applying mulch around your borders and flower beds, you will replenish the nutrients that your growing plants are extracting from the soil. However, a mulch delivery from your local supplier is much more than simply feeding your plants. Mulching has other benefits that some gardeners are not even aware of.

28 April 2020