Three Ways To Put Stone To Practical Use In Your Garden


Natural stone is beautiful and is the ideal substance with which to enhance a landscape, but you can also use rock in an entirely practical way to increase the usability of your yard. Here are three practical ideas for using stone functionally.

Form A Smooth Pathway For Easy Access

A gorgeous stone path can provide easy access to a shed or outbuilding in the garden so that you can roll out items such as wheelbarrows and lawnmowers more easily. For a practical path, choose pavers and designs that create a smooth, even trail. Avoid cobblestones, for instance, which, though beautiful, create a bumpy surface fit for a Tour De France cycling challenge.

Likewise, a stepping stone path, though quaint, is not built to accommodate the smooth flow of rolling wheels. Nor will a trail of large square pavers filled with decorative pebbles be the most practical path for bicycles, lawnmowers or wheelbarrows. For a uniform, wheel-friendly surface, focus on fitting pavers tightly together without gaps through which weeds can grow. 

Increase Usable Areas In A Sloping Garden

Flat gardens can sometimes be dull, requiring you to fill them with foliage, flowers and other elements to create an attractive space. Hilly gardens, on the other hand, have an inherent interest factor since the rolling shapes of the earth already add dimensions and height. Though attractive to look at, such gardens can have inaccessible areas that go to waste.

Natural stone retaining walls are a way to tame such slopes. You can create multiple tiers of flat ground on which you can plant flowers or vegetables or build new outdoor entertainment areas. Taking charge of the terrain in this way preserves its dimensional quality and its up and down movement, but you've likely added metres in usable areas.

Stabilise The Soil On Slopes

Even after you've levelled the land, it might still slope at various points, and you can use boulders to stabilise the earth. All you need to do is to dig a hole into which you place the rock before backfilling it with soil. Random boulders also create interesting features that contrast with surrounding feathery green foliage and plants. 

While natural stone is inherently appealing, you can utilise its beauty in practical ways. Increase the accessibility of your yard by constructing smooth rock paths or add extra usable areas to a hilly garden by levelling the terrain. Rocks implanted into sloping earth also make it more secure. Check with your landscaping supplies provider to learn which boulders and stone to use for your yard.


26 May 2020

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